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Build-A-Match Privacy Policy (Effective from: 31 July 2016)
This privacy policy pertains to the game “Build-A-Match” which has been developed by the company “Brittle Bytes (Pty) Ltd”, located in South Africa.
We provide you with the policy so that you can understand how your private information is used and shared within this game. By downloading and using the game you accept the content with this policy.  If you are unsure or feel unsafe, please delete the game from your device. If you have any queries or requests relating to this policy, you can contact us at the email address below.

Privacy Policy Contact:

This game is not intended for children under the age of 13.


1.    Introduction - “Build-A-Match” is game which allows you to create your own match-three games and share them with your friends.  You can populate your game with “matchies” which are the play pieces that are matched on the play board.  The matchies, play board and game can be populated with images from the photo library on your device, or by capturing directly with the device camera.
Photos (taken with your device camera or accessed from your photo library) are an integral part of your gaming experience.


2.    Controlling access to your content
2.1.  Photo Library & Camera - When you create content within the game and you want to use photos from your device photo library or camera, you will be prompted to give the game access to your photo library or camera separately.  The game will only access your photo library or camera when you create content, therefore when you choose to select images from your photo library or take a photo with your camera.  You can choose to deny access to your photo library or camera.  This will limit the content creation features, but will not affect playing, sharing or receiving game content from your friends.
Photos taken with your camera from within “Build-A-Match” is not stored in your photo library.  The camera photo is only stored within the content you create.
You can enable or disable access to your photo library or camera for this application by accessing “Privacy” from the “Settings” application on your device.  Select the “Photos” or “Camera” category, and change the switch for “Build-A-Match”.


3.    User generated content - Game content created by you is securely stored within the game itself.  This data is not available to any other application and cannot be accessed by you from outside of the game.  The content is only available to “Build-A-Match”.  Future updates to the game may make the content available within related applications created by “Brittle Bytes (Pty) Ltd”.  You will be able to control if the content may be shared between these applications.
When you delete the game from your device, you also delete all game content you created, and any content shared to you by your friends which you downloaded onto your device.


4.    Sharing content - Game content is shared between you and your friends when you chose to do so by using the functionality provided within the game.  The game does not share your game content with anyone else.  Friends only have access to content you chose to share with them.  Content is downloaded using a message which is presented within the application.  The message states who you are receiving content from.  You must accept the message to download the shared game content.  You can choose to delete the content.
“Brittle Bytes (Pty) Ltd” may occasionally send you free content using the messaging mechanism.

5.    Security
5.1.  Cloud Storage - Game content shared with friends is temporarily stored with a cloud service to make it available to your friends to download.  The data is encrypted in transit.  The content repository is only available to “Build-A-Match” and is accessible by “Brittle Bytes (Pty) Ltd”.  The message, which contains a description of the content being shared, is encrypted.

5.2.  Retention - Content stored with the cloud service is deleted after 30 days.  Therefore, if your friends do not download the content you shared before it expires, it will be deleted.  You can share the content again to extend this period.
Once the message is received by your friend, the message itself is deleted from the cloud service.

5.3.  Access - The game identifies data you share by generating a unique player ID when you run the game for this first time.  This ID does not contain any user identifiable information, or any information regarding your device.  If you delete and reinstall the game this ID will be recreated.  You cannot access the data which is stored in the cloud directly, but you can request “Brittle Bytes” to delete this data before it expires.  You must supply the player ID with your request.  The player ID is displayed in the application on the “Settings” panel.  If you wish to have your game data deleted prior the 30 day automatic deletion, please send your request containing your Player ID to


6.    Services - The game makes use of SDKs (software development kits) to implement some of its functionality.  This 3rd party providers may collect information about your device to assist in the implementation of the functionality it provides.

6.1.  Social Networking - The game connects you with your friends using either Apple’s Game Center service or Facebook.  You cannot send content to, or receive content from your friends, without at least authorizing one of these service.  You can however create content and play locally on your device without sharing.

6.1.1.  Game Center - The Game Center service is part of iOS and is automatically enabled when you start the game.  Your Game Center ID is used in messages to your friends to identify you as the source of the message.

6.1.2.  Facebook - You must authorize “Build-A-Match” from within the application to use your Facebook friend list to share game content.  You only have access to friends who have already authorized “Build-A-Match” with Facebook.  A unique Facebook ID which is only applicable to “Build-A-Match” is used in messages to your friends to identify you as the source of the message.
You can manage the access you have authorized for “Build-A-Match” on Facebook here:

6.2.  Notification Service - The game uses the services of OneSignal to implement remote notifications.  This service is used to notify your friends that you have shared content with them, and to notify you that game content has been shared to you.
When the game is run for the first time you will be requested to authorize the game to send and receive notifications.  You may deny this request without affecting the functionality of the game.
You can enable or disable notifications on your device by accessing “Notifications” from the “Settings” application.
You can access the OneSignal privacy policy here :

6.3.  Advertising - The game will serve two forms of advertising to you if you make use of the free version.  In the paid version all advertising is disabled.

6.3.1.  Banner advertising - On certain screens a banner ad may be displayed.  This ad is provided by making use of the Google AdMob service.  This service may collect information about you to service targeted ads.
For more information on how Google Ads work:

6.3.2.  Interstitial video advertising - When you share game content in the free version a full screen video ad will be displayed which you must watch to completion, before continuing.  This ad is provided using the Unity Ads service. 
You can access the Unity privacy policy here (section on Ads):

6.4.  Analytics - Information is collected on how you make use of the game features to assist us in improving the overall experience.  This data is analysed using the Unity Analytics service.  
You can access the Unity privacy policy here (section on Analytics):

7.    Policy Changes - Changes may be made to this policy in the future.  A notice on this website will be displayed to indicate that the policy has been changed.  The date of the last change is at the top of this policy.

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