Jy is byderwets en hou by. Jy is besorg en het dus onlangs oorgeskuif na TELEGRAM of SIGNAL, maar mis jou PK Stickers? Ons hou ook by ... klik op enige van die twee.
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WhatsApp support stickers! Do not be caught left behind. Move with the times, by using these quirky stickers. Download below - for free! - and enhance your instant messaging today, in Afrikaans. Don't understand Afrikaans? We've got you covered with BS Stickers.
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WhatsApp support stickers! BS Stickers were designed specifically for the English speaking world. You are different and don't do wallflower, that is why you use these ... they are fun and quirky, just like you! It is free; what are you waiting for?
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WhatsApp support stickers! SoSo Stickers is a take on the fun side of sewing. This free download is available, whether you know how to thread a needle or not ... baffle your friends either way! In collaboration with So So Into It Academy.
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PK Vasvra
Dis pret en verniet.
Laai dit af hier:
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